MD PLAST S.p.A. is an Italian company producing a wide range of masterbatches and additives with different support resins and various granulometries, such as to satisfy the most varied application needs and suitable for the pigmentation of all thermoplastics with Various machining systems.


Thanks to the most modern production equipment, to the aid of recent research tools, to a team of technicians of high professionalism and competence, MD PLAST S.p.A. It is growing increasingly, both in terms of technology and production, positioning itself among the leading companies in the sector.


MD PLAST S.p.A. It is a company where know-how and innovation Merge to offer the market innovative products and abreast of the times. If the masterbatch of your interest is not available, we will study in collaboration with you the specific product that meets your needs.


Obviously, our sensitivity to the environment cannot be lacking.

In this sense, MD Plast has been investing in all forms of emission containment for many years and puts the utmost attention in the choice of raw materials in order to reduce the environmental impact and contribute to the progress of the sector.

The constant modernization of the machines led the company to high quality levels

This is why today we are able to meet your every need and increasingly quickly

Our production includes a line of masterbatches and additives suitable for every production requirement.

You can deepen in the product section and possibly ask for support and information to our collaborators.


Our Team



Antonia Citro


Rosita Sellitto


Annalucia Bevilacqua

Production Supervisor

Giuseppe Cibelli

Research and development

Marisa Farina

Colors and Additives

Antonietta Avagliano

Sales Italy

Raffaele Benevento

International sales

Annamaria De Falco

Offices and production

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